Who we are

Who we are

Oceans Connected is an initiative that has been created by one of the co-founders of Red Snapper Sports - a stand up paddle board company based near Brighton, in the UK. Their fundamental goal is to connect people with nature and help them to fall back in love with - and want to protect the wonderful world we live in.

Hannah Hampshire has had a love of the ocean since early childhood and has been an ocean advocate for longer than she can remember. Family stories recount the endless hours that she spent in, on or under the water, and this to date has never changed.

She has travelled the world in pursuit of her passion and has been a vocal supporter of the ocean and ocean initiatives, taking particular interest in marine mammals - specifically cetaceans.

Hannah has had a varied career, including voluntary work for animal rescue charities, flight crew, dolphin education facilities, high end advertising positions and ethical recycling companies. She has undertaken B2C and B2B sales, excelling in business development, event planning and a proven track record in business start ups. She is accomplished in relationship building, PR and has run many successful media campaigns.

In May 2015, she turned 40, and three weeks after that, discovered a lump on her neck. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Hodgkin's Lymphoma - a type of blood cancer for those that don't know. It turns out the lump was just the tip of the iceberg and she commenced immediate treatment. The fact the lump had surfaced when it did, probably saved her life.

Four months of chemotherapy and five weeks of weeks of daily radiotherapy later, she was given the all clear in February 2016, only to be diagnosed once again, where by she commenced another five months of treatment, culminating in a bone marrow transplant in december 2016.

During this period things changed for her. She ceased to be the person she knew and her privacy, dignity, independance, status and the ability to function physically and cognitively were taken away. But most of all, her beloved ocean - the one thing that had been her constant companion since the day she was born, ceased to be her everything. The sea and a compromised immune system are not a marriage made in heaven and she rarely felt strong enough or confident enough to venture out. What she learnt during this period was a harsh lesson in taking things for granted - because this is when apathy punishes you.

The ocean played a massive part in her road to recovery. When she was unwell, she would spend her time looking at the ocean and breathing in the sea air. Eventually she was strong enough to get back in or on the sea. Her physical fitness was greatly improved, but more than that - my mental state was greatly improved, as it helped to quieten the the grips of anxiety, panic and PTSD.

As a direct result, Hannah and her husband, pledged to make the change and they started Red Snapper Sports in late 2017, so that the legacy of the healing properties of the ocean (physically and mentally) could be played forward.

Since starting that journey, the overwhelming need to protect the thing she loves, has become more than just a vision. It has become a driving force … and one that needs to be fulfilled.

The incredible people that she has met along the way, deserve and need a platform to tell their story and showcase their innovations. And Big Blue does not have a voice. Therefore it is down to us, to speak for it, care for those that live within it and support the people that passionately protect it.