Welcome to Oceans Connected. We invite you to "Step In To The Blue" with our weekly blog. We are excited to announce that this vitally important project has now launched. And not a moment too soon! There is mounting pressure on World leaders, to make climate change a priority. Action MUST be taken now. Not next year, not in five years and not in 2050 - which seems to be a favourite number with governments.

Recent media focus on the likes of Extinction Rebellion and our favourite school girl Greta Thunberg, have put plastic pollution, global warming, deforestation and the demise of many of our worlds species in the spot light. We must all act together. before it's too late.

Join us on Friday 1st November 2019, for the first ever Oceans Connected Winter Summit. Taking place at the Grand Hotel, in Brighton (UK) and we promise an immersive day of inspiration and learning. Our wish is to create a tide of change. There is nothing to loose ... and everything to gain!

Maluhia a me ke aloha


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