On 8 June each year, we celebrate World Oceans Day,  which connects people worldwide, who are looking to protect the ocean. It inspires action and positive change and is a celebration of all things blue.

Everybody has their cause and everyone has their reason for supporting their particular cause. There is no right or wrong in the fight against discrimination, climate change, gender equality, race equality and so on. And when I am asked why I love the ocean so much - and why it is so important to me to protect it, I give the following answer.

The Big Blue has been my constant for 44 years,

My happy place is in, on or under the water,

This is where I go to smile, to heal, to contemplate life,

Here I spend time with friends, run with my dogs, gaze at the horizon,

I love to bury my toes in the sand, to collect seashells and beach glass.

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I scream and sometimes I like to dance.

It’s work, rest and play,

And represents my favourite colour,

It is ever changing and unpredictable,

It can be calm, it can be ferocious ... but always inviting.

I love the smell of salty air and watching the gulls soaring in the sky,

Hearing the waves crashing on to the beach,

The soothing feeling of the water on my skin.

My best memories are on the beach or in the sea,

With my best friends, surfing, supping, swimming, chatting round a beach fire

In to the early hours of the morning.

Four years ago today I found something that changed the course of my life and took my passion away from me. Now I’m back and I mean business. I am ready to take up a new challenge and a new fight, as I stand side by side with the hundreds and thousands of oceans advocates, ready to fight to protect our wonderful ocean.

Read more on the challenges I faced, in this article “Who We Are” and the profound effect it has had on my life. Once thing is true. It’s not always obvious at the time, why certain things happen. But now - its not only obvious - its the only thing that makes any sense!

Maluhia a me ke aloha



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