At Oceans Connected, we are champions of the people. The groups, the individuals, the charities and the organisations that are actively working towards a sustainable future for the world's oceans and waterways and the wonderful array of wildlife that live within or on the water. We salute those that practice and promote the powerful benefits of connecting with nature and the water, and the incredible affect this has on your mental wellbeing. To the explorers, the naturalists, the adventurers and the thrill seekers, who go to some of the most incredible and dangerous corners of the earth and ocean, to research and share the information they find, where would we be without your knowledge.

With so many dedicated ocean warriors out there, it’s important to us that they all have a voice and a platform for sharing their stories.

Please contact us if you would like your cause or charity to be featured on this page, including details on how you are making a positive impact, website and social media links - and a high resolution PNG logo.