Oceans Connected aims to raise awareness and funding for ocean projects, both here in the UK and Internationally, by curating and hosting a series of creative, inspirational and educational events throughout the year.

We launch this year with the Oceans Connected Winter Summit. Which takes place on Friday 1st November in Brighton and will be offering unique opportunities for individuals, clubs, charities, organisations and businesses, to connect with each other and share ideas, initiatives and success stories. This all day event, is being held at The Grand Hotel - an iconic Brighton landmark, steeped in heritage and history. Looking out majestically over the English Channel, it is exceptionally well placed to host this landmark event. One of the most important and exciting aspects of the Winter Summit, is the opportunity to mix and mingle with peers, thought leaders and innovators from every aspects of the oceanic world. Thalassophiles and ocean ambassadors will come together to educate, learn, explore, dream and grow as one community. Join us!


This year's summit promises to give you an immersive learning experience. We will be exploring a number of different themes and topics through the medium of  inspirational talks, art installations, independent films and photography exhibitions. These include:

  • Plastic Pollution 

  • Turning waste into art

  • “Blue Mind Health” – The power of connecting with nature and the healing benefits of being in, on or under water

  • Marine Wildlife Conservation

  • Ocean Tourism and the impact (positive and negative) it has on the ocean environment

  • Ocean Sports and the role it plays in the long term preservation of The Big Blue

  • Climate Change and the environmental cost of inaction